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John Barclay Blue Coal's distinguished heating expert

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:50 pm
by frontrowkid
In the middle of the Shadow program or at the end, the announcer would introduce John Barclay, Blue Coal's distinguished heating expert. Although you never saw him (except maybe in a few ads), you got the picture of an older man who addressed the audience like a professional speaker. He would advise the audience on how to properly bank their coal in the future to save on fuel. There was a booklet offered by Blue Coal. He would also say "If you contact your Blue Coal dealer, one of our John Barclay trained heating experts will come out to your hosue to service your furnance. The joke is that there was no such person as John Barclay. According to Martin Gram;s book on the Shadow and Ken Roberts, the announcer for the Shadow, the part was played by a veteran stock actor, Tim D. Frawley. According to Gram's book, Manhattan listners to the Shadow program recall the name "Barclay" in the phone number of their Blue Coal dealer.