A Minor Mystery: Rehearsal Or Not

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A Minor Mystery: Rehearsal Or Not

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Regarding a reputed Rehearsal file
08/22/1950 - - The Trans-Pacific Export Matter (Reh)

In this case, No Script Is Currently Available to Conclusively Verify that the
Dramatic Portion (Dialog and Sound Effects) and Announcer Dialog was recorded and that the Music was added later.

It is quite likely this is the case, but without the Script, one cannot be
absolutely sure of the Pre-Cutting of the Dramatic portion.
The Script Is the Only Primary Source that contains the necessary scheduling information!

Sometimes the recording of a rehearsal was made before the musicians were scheduled to arrive.
Dead air space was sometimes incorporated into the rehearsal get accurate program timing.

Reasons for recording a rehearsal were many. Here are just a few.
The director might want an audio example of a proposed major or minor change in series.
(Such as retaining or changing writer(s).)
As audio proof as to why or why not the current star was suitable in the role.
Because someone at the Network may have requested it.

Perhaps one day, the Script used for the 08/24/1950 YTJD broadcast may become available.
Then, we can Conclusively Determine what this recording is:
a pre-cut Dramatic Portion used for the broadcast
a Rehearsal recording.

Also, we might be able to determine the Actual Title of this episode:
"Investigation of the Trans-Pacific Import-Export Company South China Branch"
"The Trans-Pacific Import-Export Matter"
"The Trans-Pacific Export Matter"
something else.
Signing off for now,
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