The YTJD - Line Up Connection

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The YTJD - Line Up Connection

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An episode of the long-running CBS series Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar has an
unusual connection to the CBS police procedural series, The Line Up.

The following is from an article I wrote, "THE LINE UP Anatomy Of A Police Procedural," which appeared in the
January, 2014 issue of the Radiogram
(The Newsletter of the Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama Variety and Comedy).
. . . The Line Up made a very brief reprise several months after it went off the air.
This reprise occurred during the 09/22/1953 broadcast, "The William Post Matter,"
an episode of the CBS series Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.
This recently-found episode has many connections with The Line Up.

The episode opens with Johnny Dollar being contacted by Ray Kemper (played by Jack Moyles),
a representative of an insurance company who wants Johnny to investigate the murder
of a policy holder in New York City.
Ray Kemper was a CBS sound effects artist who frequently appeared on both series including this
Johnny Dollar episode.

Johnny goes to the Big Apple to start his enquiry. He meets with the detective heading up the
NYPD investigation, Lt. Roseman, played by Bill Johnstone who starred as Lt. Ben Guthrie on
The Line Up.

At about the 20 minute mark in the broadcast, Lt. Roseman and Sgt. Hanley (played by Jack Moyles
who played Sgt. Pete Karger on The Line Up; the Hanley character is probably named for Tom Hanley,
another CBS sound effects artist who appeared on both series) conduct a "line up" in which frequent Line Up
guest actor Howard McNear appears as a murder suspect.

In fact, all of the actors appearing in this Johnny Dollar episode with the exception of John Lund also
appeared on The Line Up.

The "line up" segment lasts about one minute. It is immediately followed by a few notes of The Line Up
theme that are used as a musical bridge. The bridge is performed by Eddie Dunstedter who conducted
and played music on both series.

There are more Line Up connections in this Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar episode. Blake Edwards,
the writer of the episode, and director Jaime Del Valle plied their trades on both series. . . .
The above mentioned issue of the Radiogram can be found at:
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