Episode Title: Jalisce, Jaliscoe or Jalisco

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Episode Title: Jalisce, Jaliscoe or Jalisco

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The title of the third episode of Gunsmoke has been the subject of some minor debate in the OTR Community.
Some sources list the title as "Jaliscoe"; others as "Jalisce"; and still others as "Jalisco".

Which one is correct?

Norman Macdonnell's Papers
Norman Macdonnell's Listings of Gunsmoke Titles and Casts simply list this episode as
Show # 3 5/10/52

Gunsmoke Scripts
Until March, 2007, no copy of this script was known to exist.
In fact only copies of five out of the thirty-six Gunsmoke scripts from 1952 had been found.
In March, 2007, I found the remaining thirty-one in an archive where they had been incorrectly cataloged for nearly 25 years.

There is no title for this episode on the Script Cover page; it is identified as
# 3

While the Script is not titled, its contents do provide the definitive answer.
The name of this never-seen character is consistently spelled (5 times) in the script.
In all instances, it is spelled as "Jalisco".

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