Episode Title: Parley or Parcley or Parsley

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Episode Title: Parley or Parcley or Parsley

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Another Gunsmoke episode whose title seems to be the subject of some minor debate in the OTR Community.
Here are the variations for the episode that aired on July 02, 1955:
"General Parley Smith"
"General Parcley Smith"
"General Parsley Smith"

This episode is one of three Gunsmoke 1955 Radio episodes for which no script has been found.
I have one Primary Radio source that lists the title as "General Parsley Smith."
That is Norman Macdonnell's Gunsmoke Log.

However, a copy of the TV script for December 10, 1955 by John Dunkel
does exist in a private archive which I have visited.
The title on the TV script is
"General Parsley Smith"

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