Arthur was a morning man

We welcome your comments, questions, reminiscences about the activities & associates of Arthur Godfrey in his many activities, including radio and (excuse the expression) TV.
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Al Girard

Arthur was a morning man

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I was listening to the first part of a complete broadcast day from
1939, and in the second half hour (6:30 am) it was quite obvious to me that the voice was that of Arthur Godfrey.
Lee Munsick

RE: Arthur was a morning man

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Moderator Comment: The complete broadcast day is from WJSV (predecessor call letters of WTOP), the CBS station in Washington. Mr. Godfrey is indeed the morning man on his program Sundial. Whether one cares for Mr. G or not, the full day is a fascinating example of how radio was then, something which should be in the collection of any true OTR fan. It's fascinating to hear news treatment of the coming WWII, very different from a few years later. Contrary to some reports, Arthur Godfrey does not appear again later in the day, not even in commercials, nor is he mentioned. There are numerous other gems, not the least of which is a young John Daly appearing in an audience participation insert in the Godfrey stanza. Another bit of history is a full Congressional speech by FDR about his activities leading up to U.S. involvement in the war. This set, called "Radio Before TV", is available in many Sam's Club stores, and several copies are being offered currently on $%@!.
-Lee Munsick
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Just a bit of trivia - the late Granville "Granny" Klink, WJSV/WTOP engineer emeritus (my title for him) told me John Daly was known around the station as Charlie Daly. Granny went to work for WJSV in '37 or '39 and stayed there until a short time before his passing in 1998.

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