"Do you mind if I continue working while we talk?"

Just the facts, Ma'am. We're dedicated to talking about Jack Webb's most famous program. Uh-huh.
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"Do you mind if I continue working while we talk?"

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Just an observation here; nothing serious.

I've been listening to Dragnet sequentially for a few weeks now and am up to November 1952 as of this writing.

I notice that very often when Friday and partner are questioning a suspect, witness, informant, etc. the person being interviewed often asks if he/she can continue to do whatever it is they were doing before the police arrived - cooking, sewing, painting, fixing a car, supervising employees pouring concrete for a swimming pool, etc. - all with the appropriate sound effects.

I'm sure this was part of the "theatre of the mind" concept of radio as well as a way for the sound effects guys to show off a bit, but I think it's kind of funny that they did this so often. I imagine the writers and actors had a bit of fun with this when it became an almost weekly feature.
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