New Inner Sanctum episodes.

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New Inner Sanctum episodes.

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On my Facebook page, there was a pic of Boris Karloff and a statement that 12 "lost" Inner Sanctum episodes had been discovered. When I clicked on the pic, it sent me to a newsletter site called Rick's Place. I didn't see any further information on any lost episodes. And I don't arbitrarily subscribe to newsletters online. Is there any truth to this? Have any more Inner Sanctum episodes been located?

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Yes, these will be released soon!

From Martin Grams:

"As a Christmas gift to everyone, I am officially announcing the rumor as true. I found 12 1/2 lost episodes of INNER SANCTUM MYSTERY from 1941, three with Karloff, and five lost episodes of LIGHTS OUT from 1938, three with Karloff. They are being transcribed and will be made available for FREE. Link for download will be featured on the Rick's Place newsletter. If you are not a subscriber of the weekly email that provides info about the hobby, you can subscribe for free at http://www.[No Ads]/ I am not well versed with sharing files on the web so I am letting Dave do it on the newsletter."
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