Have Gun Will Travel: many of the episodes: poor audio

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Have Gun Will Travel: many of the episodes: poor audio

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Many of the Have Gun Will Travel (HGWT) episodes have atrociously poor audio quality.

As examples, I have selected HGWT episodes #40-50:

HGWT 1959-08-23 #040 Bonanza
HGWT 1959-08-30 #041 Love Birds
HGWT 1959-09-06 #042 All That Glitters
HGWT 1959-09-13 #043 Treasure Hunt
HGWT 1959-09-20 #044 Stardust
HGWT 1959-09-27 #045 Like Father
HGWT 1959-10-04 #046 The Contessa
HGWT 1959-10-11 #047 Stopover in Tombstone
HGWT 1959-10-18 #048 Brother Lost
HGWT 1959-10-25 #049 When in Rome
HGWT 1959-11-01 #050 Wedding Day
Pasted from <https://archive.org/details/HaveGunWillTravel_543>

For my ears, only episodes numbers 41, 45, 48, 49 & 50 are easy to listen to.

Episode numbers 40, 42, 43, 44, 46 & 47 are so muffled, the bass so low and the treble largely missing, that they take a great effort to listen to. For my ears, much of the dialog is unintelligible.

An example: HGWT episode no. 42, All That Glitters' audio is one of the worst, terribly muffled, almost unlistenable.

In the HGWT episodes, in addition to the muffled audio there are the audio problems discussed in the Gunsmoke section of the Nostalgia Pages Forum under the Subject heading "'Skipping' in episodes".

This is the problem of audio snippets/'plops' 'skipping'/electronic noises like clicks, inserted in episodes at seemingly random points. These problems were well discussed in the Gunsmoke section 2005-2007 after the problem was raised by Shane and elucidated by Rupert & Stewart.

Rupert wrote (17 Aug 2006):
"Yes these inserted dialogs - snippets as you call them - or "plops" I as like to call them, plague the Gunsmoke mp3 collections of many. Over at the Cobalt Club, we have spent a great deal of time of re-encoding these episodes or if that is not an option, repairing the "plop." Almost all of these inserts/plops occur on mp3's that were encoded by an individual using 40kbps. You will rarely if ever find these in 32 kbps encodes. This has led me to believe that these all come from one original source.?

I have wondered in the past if these were placed intentionally by an encoder to distinguish their work product from others. Why? I don't know. It is best as a general rule to avoid 40kbps encodes of GS.?

Personally having spent more than a year listening to various versions and encodes of the entire Gunsmoke set to remove these distractions, I have grown to loath the 40 kbps encodes sets of GS.?

But the good news is that a better set of Gunsmoke (which will have many episodes encoded at 64 kbps) will be available SOON!?

Later this year [2006] the OTRRG will release Gunsmoke (version 4). We believe that all of these irritating problems will be eliminated with this release. A lot of effort has been put into the project to bring the OTR community a fairly good quality mp3 set. Once released the set will be available for download at Archive.org.?

An example to how these inserts damage the listening of the show would be: Gunsmoke 58/04/20 The Partners AFRTS. Almost 8 seconds of key dialog is ripped out and replaced with dialog from another part of the show on the typical 40kbs version. The dramatic tension is completely ruined. Taped versions of this episode doesn't [don't] have this problem. The new 64kbps version of this episode will not have this problem either.

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Stewart wrote:

Posted: 080125?? ?Post subject: Re: "Skipping" in episodes

Rupert is to be?Highly Commended?for his work of cleaning and repairing and finding the best sources for Nearly THREE HUNDRED of the 480?Gunsmoke?episodes!?

He has been doing an incredible job improving the quality of?Gunsmoke?episodes available to the OTR fan.

Thank you, Rupert!!!!?

In the HGWT episodes these annoying problems persist in 2014---at least in the archive.org collections. Does a collection of HGWT OTR programs exist with better audio?

I thought that the Old Time Radio Researchers (OTRR) group was systematically cleaning up/improving the audio of these programs.

OTRR has done a much better job with improving the audio of the 480 Gunsmoke episodes.
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