I found a couple of Star Trek audio series

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I found a couple of Star Trek audio series

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I stumbled across these two fan-produced Star Trek audio series and thought some here might be interested. I only know these two but there might be others.

I've only listened to a couple of episodes from each of these series. Thoughts so far:

Both shows have amateur actors . They often sound like they're reading and sometimes the timing isn't quite right.

Sound effects are plentiful but their volume is often too loud or too quiet for the scene. The same can be said of the actors' voices. At times, it almost sounds as if these were sound clips recorded individually and then pieced together later.

These shows are in stereo, which is neat at times. I was listening to an episode of Excelsior in the car yesterday and heard a loud pinging sound like metal hitting metal outside the passenger side of my car. Then I realized it was a sound effect!

Again, I've only heard the first couple of episodes of these, so they may get better. While I'm not impressed by the acting so far, I'm happy to see that radio shows like this are still being made.

Star Trek: Excelsior

Star Trek: Defiant
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