new fan of frontier gentleman

Frontier Gentleman
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eddie ortiz

new fan of frontier gentleman

Post by eddie ortiz »

being a gunsmoke fan i was curious to listen to frontier gentleman and i was not disappointed. I especially love jerry goldmiths score of the music for fthe show. THe stories are exciting well written and of course with radio vet john dehner wonderfully acted. I highly recommend this show.
Ed Kindred

RE: new fan of frontier gentleman

Post by Ed Kindred »

I am with you dude. I missed this show during my youth and what an incredible pleasure to pick it up in my dotage. John Dehner is so cool and under control at all times. Well shucks, there ain't hardly nuthin that ever shakes the character. Bond, James Bond in the saddle.

RE: new fan of frontier gentleman

Post by alain »

While i am a major otr fan, i have to say that i tend to dislike the "westerns". In general, i prefer Frontier Gentleman to Gunsmoke, tho i find even "Fronteir" usually gets caught up in a ponderous, obvious-ending formula.

RE: new fan of frontier gentleman

Post by Walt »

Dehner had such a great presence. His characterization of Paladin on Have Gun Will travel is also a gem to listen to. He was also good in the movie Airplane II ;-)

What I find interesting about FG is Kendall is from England, with little trace of an accent. Dehner pulls it off so beautifully you don't care.

Gentleman info & why to listen to westerns

Post by jaydee »

Hello Frontier Gentlemen fans...
Any of you pardners have any information on any lost or undiscovered Gentlemen episodes not currently being bandied about the net?
I have a collection with several dates missing ( probably forty or so episodes total) Does anyone have any information on exactly how many known episodes are out there...and any that have recently been unearthed?...Also, one cowpokes opinion but anyone who complains here
about these westerns being "predictable" is like the person who complains about a hotdog not being fat free enough!...Hello?!...You don't eat hotdogs if you're lookin' for health food!..The worth in my opinion of a good old western radio series is in the acting, the action, ( the sexy girls voices!) and the sounds that make it authentic!...If you want unpredictable endings find a good science fiction series like Dimension X and have at it...but don't go and order fried rice if you don't like the rice!...That's what she's all about!...
Regards to all, and thanks for any who reply..."jaydee"
Scott T

RE: Gentleman info & why to listen to westerns

Post by Scott T »

Frontier Gentleman only lasted one season.
So, I think there is somewhere between 39-41 episodes that were produced in 1958.
There are two versions of the same episode in circuration because you can get episodes from CBS Radio and Armed Forces Radio.

One Week after FG ended John Denher move over to play Paladin on
Have Gun, Will Travel.

Both were very good shows with Frontier Gentleman being slightly better of the two.

RE: Gentleman info & why to listen to westerns

Post by Walt »

I have 42 eps. This includes the 1/29/58 Audition show with Ben Wright as JB Kendall and the episode Aces and Eights on Apr 20, 1958 repeated on Oct 12.
pete villafea

RE: Gentleman info & why to listen to westerns

Post by pete villafea »

may i ask what mp3 cd that is that contains the Ben Wright audition,
and where you got it?
the set i bought at @!#$ long ago does not have it.

there is mention online (i think it was a Harry Bartell interview)
that for Have Gun Will Travel, voice tests for the lead role
were done by Harry Bartell, Vic Perrin, and John Dehner on Nov 8, 1958;
and John Dehner was called back for an audition on Nov 11.
are there recordings of these?

RE: Gentleman info & why to listen to westerns

Post by Walt »

Can't tell you what CD it's on, because
1) every CD is made by the individuals, not companies
2) I collect on tape ;-)


RE: Gentleman info & why to listen to westerns

Post by Alain »


Of course, when i listen to OTR, i (try to) do so in an otr "context"; certain expectations, interpret things a certain way etc...but personal preferences and commenting on them with fellow otr fans is part of the fun and appreciation.

I DO enjoy several otr westerns, and IMO, Frontier Gentleman is an example of the genre being more developed and better exploited.

To (very loosely, and probably inaccurately) paraphrase a quote that may have been attributable to Virginia Gregg (sp?); "its too bad the golden era of radio came to an end just as we were getting good at it"...maybe westerns were the OTR genre that most suffered from this fate as the "adult" westerns came in relatively late in the otr era?
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Post by George »

I just finished this series. I found 41 episodes plus the audition show with Ben Wright. "Aces And Eights" and "Random Notes" were reused scripts but not repeats. These were obviously separate productions.

As someone mentioned above, I think this series was better than Have Gun, Will Travel. Frontier Gentleman reminded me more of The Six Shooter than anything else, but with all the CBS regulars, sometimes it was hard to remember if I was listening to Gunmoke, Fort Laramie, HGWT, or FG! :lol:

All in all, a good series. John Dehner was just great. I think I'd listen to him read the dictionary, as the saying goes.
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Post by WaltP »

George wrote: All in all, a good series. John Dehner was just great. I think I'd listen to him read the dictionary, as the saying goes.
I'm with you. I really appreciate it when I spot him in movies and TV shows, too.
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Post by Paul »

Good show. Started off well, but towards the end of the run, the episodes were a little boring.

Also, Dehner doesn't have an English accent. Myself, thought Ben Wright was more believable (audition show).
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