Final Harold Peary Episodes

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Final Harold Peary Episodes

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Hello All,

First I wanted to say that I am honored to be a part of this great OTR forum. I discovered this website last summer and I have loved reading through many of the posts and I have learned a great deal from them as well. I have been a huge OTR fan for 11 years now and I certainly have some favorite shows; but I had only discovered The Great Gildersleeve about a year and a half ago. This wonderful show has become my absolute favorite because of the many reasons already stated here on the forum; memorable characters, great storylines, and a timeless quality.

When I?m not listening to my OTR collection; I will listen to shows via online radio such as Antioch OTR; which plays many different shows based upon the date they originally aired. It?s been a little sad today and yesterday as some of the final Harold Peary shows have re-aired. Sunday night was the final episode of Peary?s short-lived Honest Harold show and today was his final appearance as Gildy (The Houseboat Vacation). I tell ya, these shows always force me to re-reflect on what a tremendous actor and character Harold Peary was. To this day, no matter the media (radio, television, movies); I don?t believe the quality of this show in particular has ever been matched. I try to listen to at least 5 episodes a week and I am thrilled to have access to pretty much all of the episodes. Well, it?s great to meet you all and I look forward to all of the valuable knowledge I can gain about my favorite OTR show.

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