Happy Birthday Adeline Fairchild (Una Merkel)

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Happy Birthday Adeline Fairchild (Una Merkel)

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Just wanted to extend birthday wishes to an under-rated and extremely talented actress, Una Merkel, who played Leila Ransom?s cousin Adeline Fairchild on the show from Feb. 1948 ? Feb. 1949. Although she was only a recurring character on The Great Gildersleeve for one calendar year; her memorable portrayal of Throckmorton?s main love interest came during one of my favorite eras of the show and the Mystery Baby story arc.

Some of my favorite films with Una Merkel include: The Maltese Falcon (1931 version), Midnight Mary (1933), 42nd Street (1933), Red-Headed Woman (1932), and True Confession (1937) with Carole Lombard (what a great pair they made in this movie). Ms. Merkel sadly passed away in January 1986. A great and memorable talent for sure.

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