The Penny Singleton Show 1950 - Mary Lee Robb

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The Penny Singleton Show 1950 - Mary Lee Robb

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Just found out about this show. Mary Lee, while still on the Great Gildersleeve, was also on a short lived radio program called The Penny Singleton Show, (aka Penelopes Progress) which only lasted one season in 1950.

"Set in the fictitious 'Middleton,' a typical small town in the Midwest, the series framed Penny Singleton as Penelope 'Penny' Williamson, a Navy-widowed mother of two daughters who'd assumed the reins of her deceased husband's pre-War realty firm, Williamson & Wiggins Realty. Penny's two daughters, 8-year-old Sue (played by Sheila James) and 13-year-old 'Deegee' (played by Mary Lee Robb), provided the situational pathos and comedic situations one might of such a single-parent family of the 1950s. Further comedy relief was provided by Penny's housekeeper and cook, Margaret, portrayed by the brilliant Bea Benadaret in excellent comedic form." ... gress.html

Here is a 1950 ad showing Mary Lee with other cast members.

Episode Log

I searched and found 2 shows for listen. Enjoy!

Penny Singleton Show - The Admiral ... dmiral.mp3

Penny Singleton Show - The Buglar (50-09-26) ... Buglar.mp3
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