Two "unheard" Gildy shows from 1956

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Two "unheard" Gildy shows from 1956

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These shows were new to me and, I suspect, will be to you too. They are "Fibbing to Make Friends," dated Jan. 5, 1956, and "Jolly Boys Haunted House Adventure," dated Nov. Nov. 29, 1956. I suspect that, judging from the cast, the "Fibbing" episode was recorded earlier. These are not Armed Forces broadcasts but are from NBC. Oh, you want to know where to hear them. Well, although I paid a princely sum ($5 with a whole lot of other shows thrown in) I've generously uploaded them, free to you, at Let me know what you think.
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Downloaded these last night. Wish people would peek in here a little more often. These were a couple of gems. Thanks for sharing!
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